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Your son is a disruptive influence

disruptive |disˈrəptiv|
    •causing or tending to cause disruption: disruptive and delinquent children | the hours of work are disruptive to home life.
• innovative or groundbreaking: breaking a disruptive technology into the market is never easy.

My teachers regularly referred to me as a disruptive influence and easily distracted. I just could never focus in class, the few classes I did enjoy, science, english, PE and history even brought me trouble with the establishment. I thoroughly enjoyed school outside of what the teachers tried to teach, figuring out social infrastructure, playing pranks and wondering why nobody said what they wanted to; apart from me of course.

I was informed by my tutor, Mr. England that I was the worst student he had taught in his 25 years of teaching. Why, thank you, SIR. He compared me to a fellow student called White in front of our entire class. The reason for this I am unsure but possibly for some form of public shame, thinking back it is awful teaching, trying to humiliate a 13 year old because he is disruptive and a little against the grain. Well it makes me wonder, just how are those really smart people getting along nowadays. Once you are out of the learn and repeat nature of our schools education system how do you fare? I always say school does not prepare you for the actual battle, survival. How to deal with that boss, or the politics within the company, and how to schmooze and close that client into a contract.
Me on my first day of school

People like myself who have battled the establishment, grown up without much, ridiculed by unintelligent teachers and been on the outside during education, in my opinion are primed for the battle-hardened world of business. Dropping out of University to build my first start-up company in Ibiza was the best thing I ever did. It may have not played out the way I wanted but it taught me more than I could imagine, as my fellow peers left the University of Salford this year applying for jobs as runners I was educating the ex-head of the beebs sport on how to integrate social into MOTD.

People who have understood me and shown me respect, even let me lead the way have certainly seen the best of me this past year, I have still been in spectacularly disruptive form. But results can not be argued with, as head of social at Copa90 I helped create Europe's biggest football centric YouTube channel. Across platforms the fan base is over 1,500,000, I remember arriving there and it being below 10,000, just six months later and Copa90 are bigger than the financial powerhouses of Chelsea F.C and Man City. Working with celebrities digitally, ex-footballers like Ian Wright, each time doubling their social footprints within weeks, educating and digitally managing them whilst consulting at Disney.

People ask me all the time, just how have you done all the things you have done? Recently the questions have changed; why are you in demand? It is extremely hard for me to explain to the everyday man just what it is I do, I am often offended by someone suggesting I write Facebook status updates and provide tweets. That is like suggesting a joiner plays with wood. But for me it is simple, it is the age of disruption. Companies are still looking for smart people, but a degree, a masters, saying the correct things in interviews, using proper etiquette will not land you a job anymore. Companies are disruptive via their DNA, they are looking for people who do not conform, do not listen to the status quo. We can think outside of the box and are more no than yes men.

People; always about people.

My next steps...  
The past four to five months I have been working in temp contracts, freelance some might say. My blog brought me to the attention of a Mr. Trevor Lee and after 'disrupting' each other online we decided to meet face-to-face. I was on the look out for a home to house my creative ideas, somewhere with infrastructure yet also the ability to change, to move with the industry. Trevor is a connector, and that is what he did, put me through to a few key contacts that would appreciate the cut of my jib. 

One of which being Matthew Scott. One of the founders of the Navada Group, the group is a digital minded company which is split into three entities Agency | Motion | Futures. We spoke via Skype, the modern day interview, and agreed to meet up asap. Other companies were courting me, but Navada seemed right. The way they spoke, the freedom they seemed to have, creative minds allowed to explore within the infrastructure of a company. They had a client, the content they had created for their client needed a boost, targeted views of their content, something I can provide. One week after we made an agreement 60,000 views had been delivered to the clients content and I was on a plane flying to Belfast to meet the Navada Group and enjoy the brillianCulture Tech Festival in Derry. We ironed out the intricacies of me heading in-house to the Navada Group and celebrated by taking to the stage and delivering a brilliant conversation on how consumer can now: Become The Story.
On the panel at Culture Tech Festival with (From Left) Matthew Scott, myself, Quinn Buchanan, Jeremy Forsberg and Gina Fegan
What do Navada Group do for brands?
Let me do a quick intro of Navada group, I will go more in-depth in future posts and also you can click here to read more about the Navada Group - Future | Motion | Agency. So overall the Navada Group provides brilliant ‘operational’ business results from digital leadership. Navada Agency delivers business results from top class strategy, campaigns, immersive content and platforms. Navada Motion combines beautiful broadcast content directly to business results from top class digital distribution. And finally Navada Futures provides world class learning, commercial IP developments and future thinking from our digital leaders. And Navada Futures is where I will be 'playing' a lot of the time, I will be working across the group as Head of Engagement but Navada Futures is something that really excites me.

So Navada Futures is a sandbox that allows creative ideas or the trending term 'moonshot' ideas for the groups digital leaders to come to fruition. Playing in this wonderful box is myself, Matthew Scott previously of Ten Alps, Sir Bob Geldof’s multimedia group, we have digitally brilliant and politically savvy Jeremy Forsberg. Another exciting talent filmmaker, ICT match maker and BAFTA member is about to join us too. And last but certainly not least the mesmerising Quinn Buchanan who was part of the team that created the Grand Theft Auto series and an augmented reality genius.

We work within a native collaborative network (NCN) but what does that mean? It means that we work with influencers, or key endorsers on the varying digital platforms, to create bespoke campaigns for brands. Organic. Immersive. Interactive. In your pocket.

Better to use an example...
Devin Supertamp is the ultimate YouTuber. His story is brilliant and sounds quite familiar to the pioneers of the millennial generation. Not dissimilar to my own. Devin Supertramp is a producer, director, cameraman and most importantly a YouTube extraordinaire. He has built a channel with over 300,000 subscribers and his engaged audience and brilliant content regularly see his videos hit the millions. 

His love and passion for what he does or did has led  the biggest companies in the world directly to him. By creating his beautifully shot content and organically building an immersed audience that associate him with high quality content, then that, that he endorses will see his 'followers' head to that destination primed and engaged to consume. Intelligent and quick to act marketeers have realised this massive shift in advertising and at a fraction of the price using traditional methods, alongside delivering a much greater and analytically proven ROI.

Thus bringing us to where we find ourselves currently, he has been creating content which organically promotes brands from Mountain Dew to motor companies including Ford, the release of computer games like the unbelievable Parkour video for Assasins Creed which is about to hit an incredible 30,000,000 views. And not to forget impending film releases such as R.I.P.D starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. 

It is the movie R.I.P.D that we will focus on to demonstrate our understanding and focus across Navada Group. The video below, Parkour, Cops and Donuts is an organic video marketing message for the film. An R.I.P.D poster ripped off a wall at the start of the video, the guns used in the film utilised in this brilliantly shot short. And to finish it off a nice annotation to the R.I.P.D YouTube channel at the end of the content. The short garnered over a million views from a very engaged audience, it drove over 200,000 views of the trailer and sent at least 500,000 people to the official R.I.P.D YouTube channel. Yet there was no in your face promotion, the annotation at the end letting the consumer know, ok this is connected with the film. 

This is just a single example of how Navada the group will work, we create new-age digital strategy, and we do it with the key influencers that can bring targeted audiences to your content. Devin Supertramp is just one example, with the Navada Group working from the in-beta YouTube Index, we understand the digital landscape, know the influencers and can create a strategy for any or most brands.  Working in harmony across the group, Navada Futures strategic and digitally driven narrative thinking will support Navada Motion's content strategy before Navada Agency can implement it perfectly. 

Your content needs supercharging
What if I am a brand, or agency which has recently heavily moved into digitally delivered content marketing? You have existing high-budget content strands on your newly created YouTube channel, brought in big collaborators or talent, huge advertising budget but it just is not getting views or interaction and delivering the ROI such investment demands. Do not fear, many brands have been stung by production companies and or agencies creating YouTube channels for clients without a knowledge of how to actually 'build' a channel with avenues of traffic. If the above sounds like you or your company then your content could need 'Supercharging'. 

At the Navada Group we can deliver views to your content via your target demographic. As previously stated we work in a native collaborative network (NCN) and we deliver organic views through the platforms key influencers. We can deliver views from 20,000 - 5,000,000 to your already existing content, or as we like to say Supercharge your content. 

I am extremely excited about what our 'futures' have awaiting and can not wait to start working on constructing digital monuments for brands, people and companies alongside the brilliant minds within the Navada Group. Click here to learn more about the Navada Group and get in contact for a chat!

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written by Ben White